Check ListTitlePhotographer’s original descriptionImage
1Moscow Stable with American Horse Lou DillonOur boys and Lou posing in front of Moscow stables
2Moscow Race DayTypes of Aristocrats at the races
3Moscow HippodromeThe Imperial Trotting Club’s Grand Stand. Cost over $4 million dollars
4Moscow Imperial Trotting Club Grand Stand EntranceRear entrance to the grand stand
5Moscow Imperial Racetrack SpectatorsA big day at the Moscow running track
6Moscow Stable and Russian Horse KrepeshKrepesh, record 2:09 1/2, the champion Russian bred trotter
7Moscow Thieves MarketA prize snap shot on a Sunday morning in the famous Thieves Market, Moscow. I was mobbed by this crowd after taking this picture and had to be rescued by the Soldier-Police
8Moscow Market ScenePeasant types near the Moscow market
9Moscow Street CobblerA wayside shoemaker at work
10Moscow Arseny Morozov MansionMarble Palace, Moscow. One of the most beautiful and wonderfully built castles in Europe
11Moscow Red Square Human BillboardsStreet scene in Kremlin
12Moscow Market VendorsMoujik beauties posing by request in the open air dry goods market
13Moscow Roadside Vegetable MarketRoadside vegetable market
14Moscow Arseny Morozov MansionAn early morning snap shot alongside the Kremlin walls. Note the heavy blue and white yokes on the horses
15Moscow Stable SceneFrank Caton’s pet monks taking in the sun. Mooska, Yashka and Rags
16Moscow Red Square PriestsTraveling Priests of the lower class
17Moscow Red Square ScenePoliceman and Priest in the Kremlin
18Moscow Kremlin PanoramaPalaces and churches from the river
19St Petersburg Dock HandsMore dock types. The cholera was taking them off at a rate of 100 a day
20Moscow Kremlin Tsar BellThe King of Bells in the Kremlin, which fell from its tower before it was ever rung – the broken piece weighs 11 tons
21Moscow Kremlin Tsar CannonThe King of Cannons in the Kremlin, snap shot stolen while the guards had their backs turned
22Moscow Red Square and the Lobnoye MestoFor a small fee the old lady throws a handful of peas to the waiting pigeons
23Moscow Racetrack SpectatorsAll kinds along the race track fence in Moscow
24Moscow Hotel SceneA tramp Moujik, Lindstrum, our interpreter and two hotel porters
25Moscow Boy Street VendorsThey ask to have their pictures taken. Two minutes later, a new arrival looks his best
26Moscow Boy Street VendorsThe line-up three minutes later, just before a policeman had to clear the street
27Moscow OrphansOn a bench in front of a big orphan asylum
28Moscow River Bridge SceneThe camera man’s guide forces a terrified nurse to pose against her will
29Moscow Cucumber Street VendorOne of the thousands of cucumber sellers. The natives all eat cucumbers, rinds and all, as we eat apples
30Moscow Boy Street Vendors And CartA very remarkable turnout
31Moscow Street PeopleCurious types along the sidewalk
32Moscow Marketplace Vendors And CustomersEveryday types along the market place
33Moscow Laughing Boy PeddlersBoy peddlers making fun of the camera man
34Moscow Strawberry VendorsVendors of wild strawberries on the end of a bridge. All big and husky – note their boots
35St Petersburg Cholera EpidemicSome of our boys lined up by a government tea wagon. The operator on the right and the policeman on the left. They dispensed free tea in their efforts to stamp out the cholera that was raging in the city
36St Petersburg Czar’s PalaceOne of the Czar’s Palaces with the Alexander Column. The largest monolith column of modern times on the left
37St Petersburg CathedralThe wonderful Cathedral of the Resurrection. All mosaic inside and out
38St Petersburg Shell GameA crowd of Moujiks surrounding the manipulator of the 3 shells. The old game as we know it