• "Murray Howe's photographs offer an unforgettable glimpse of the Moscow that was lost in the great upheavals of the 20th century. It's the Moscow of late Tolstoy, and Howe had an uncanny ability to capture it, especially considering that he was an amateur working before photojournalism was an established field. Howe's street characters jump off the prints, and his composition tells a story of wit and woe. We stare at the faces staring back at us and wonder what became of these people in the turbulent years that followed."Jonathan Earle, The Moscow Times
  • “We don’t have quite anything like these photographs. The photographers featured in our collection [over 100,000 images] were typically on contract to photograph monuments, architecture, because they knew the city was growing – capitalism – old estates and houses were being destroyed.” Vladimir Kuznetsov, The Moscow City Museum
  • Murray Howe’s compelling images of Russia Bear witness to a deeply polarized society on the brink of revolution. Extraordinary wealth and poverty resonate in Howe’s 1909 series dococumenting life in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Howe, an American photojournalist(1869-1941), offers a privleged glimpse of the high and low of Russian Society and culture during the final years of the Romanov dynasty. Sally Metzler, The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens